3 Days

Cappadocia 3-day tour from Side is a cultural tour that we offer with 2 nights accommodation in Cappadocia. Cappadocia has a unique beauty in the world

  • 120€
  • Tuesday,Friday
  • 06:15-19:00
  • in Front Hotel
  • Have a Transfer
  • breakfast,dinner
  • English
  • yes
  • Insured 100%
  • in Bus


Tour details :
Cappadocia 3-day tour from Side is a cultural tour that we offer with 2 nights accommodation in Cappadocia. Cappadocia has a unique beauty in the world and is the common name of Nevşehir province and its surroundings in the Central Anatolia region. Cappadocia is about 450 km from Side. Cappadocia was formed by volcanic tuffs as a result of the eruptions of Active volcanic mountains Erciyes, Hasan, and Güllü mountains. Natural beauties fairy chimneys and other rock formations have occurred due to the erosion of the Kızılırmak River and the shaping of wind and rainwater for tens of thousands of years. Cappadocia, the population region of the Assyrian civilization, hosted the Hittite, Phrygian, Persian, Byzantine, Seljuk, and Ottoman civilizations. The early Christians, who fled from the persecution of the Roman Empire in the 2nd century BC, came to Cappadocia and settled here through Antakya and Kayseri. Since they lived in underground cities for a long time without going out, they developed these underground cities by making bedrooms, ventilation chimneys, wine production places, churches, monasteries, water wells, toilets, and meeting rooms. You will also visit the Mevlana Museum in Ağzıkarahan and Konya.

1 DAY:
* Pick-up from your accommodation or hotel in Side
* Breakfast break near Akseki in Antalya district
* A photo break at an altitude of 1800 meters in the Taurus Mountains
* Visit Konya Mevlana Rumi ‘s museum
* Lunch break in Konya
* Visit Caravanserai (old inn)
* Visit to Saratlı Kırkgöz underground city
* Arrival at Cappadocia hotel and dinner
* Semah demonstration (can be attended upon request)

* Breakfast at the hotel
* Devrent valley
* Paşabağı valley
* Göreme open-air museum
* Rock house visit
* Visit Uçhisar Castle around pigeon valley
* Lunch in Uçhisar
* Visit Çavuşin village, rock houses, rock-cut church
* Visit the Onyx store
* Visit Lovers valley
* Visit Pottery workshop and pottery show
* Visit Carpet store
* Return to the hotel and have dinner at the hotel
* Resting at the hotel. Turkish night for our guests who desires

* Breakfast and departure from the hotel
* Leather shop visit
* Visit three beautiful fairy chimneys in Ürgüp
* Lunch break in Konya
* Some breaks along the way
* Arrival at Side and drop off at your hotel (17:30)

* Pick up and drop off from your hotel or accommodation
* Guide
* Accommodation at 4-star Cappadocia Alp hotel half-board
* Entrances (including Göreme open-air museum and underground city)

* Lunch (3 times)
* Drinks
* Turkish night, whirling dervish show
* If you are a person and want to stay in a single room. 10€ single room price difference per night.

* You can take your camera and camera with you
* Cappadocia is cooler than Side, take your clothes according to the seasonal conditions you will go.

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