Altinbesik Cave tour from Side is an incredible adventure that will take you through Antalya’s most beautiful and historical sites. With its stunning landscapes, unique architecture, and magnificent natural wonder, this tour is not to be missed ! Altinbesik Cave is located 75 km from Side.

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Tour details :
Would you like to see how rich Antalya is in terms of natural beauties and history with Altinbesik Cave tour from Side? Antalya, one of the most attractive cities in Turkey for tourism, boasts an abundance of natural beauties and historical sites that leave visitors in awe. If you’re looking for a unique adventure, the Altinbesik Cave tour from Side is a must-try experience that offers the opportunity to witness some of Antalya’s hidden treasures.

Green Canyon Landscape: A Breathtaking View
Located at approximately 1250 meters from the Taurus Mountains, the Green Canyon landscape offers a truly breathtaking view that includes the Oymapınarı dam. Tall cliffs surround this hidden gem and provide visitors with a peaceful and serene environment to enjoy. It’s the perfect destination for those seeking natural beauty and tranquility.

Ibradi (Nomad) Villages and Buttoned Houses: Historical Treasures
Antalya is also rich in history, and the Akseki and İbradi villages are historically significant as they are known as the first settlements of the Turks in the Taurus Mountains. The juniper, cedar, and tar trees used in the architecture of these villages’ historic houses are the most prominent features. The houses’ unique architecture is also considered crucial for the period, which is why they are known as button houses. The Silk Road, the most important trade route of the past, passes through these villages. With the Altinbesik Cave tour from Side, you can explore these historical locations up close.

Altınbesik Cave (Golden Cradle Cave) : A Natural Wonder
Altınbesik cave is located about 75 km from Side in the Antalya region of Turkey.The cave is a magnificent natural wonder that offers visitors an unforgettable experience. Altınbesik cave is home to a stunning underground lake, Turkey’s largest and deepest of its kind, and 20 small lakes. You can explore the cave and its surroundings through our Altinbesik Cave tour from Side, which offers a glimpse into the cave’s geological history and unique formations. Although the cave is not a home to fish due to the saltiness of the water, you can still find animals, such as pigeons and bats, inside. The temperature inside the cave remains 16 degrees Celsius in all seasons, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers.

Altınbesik National Park: Rich in Plant Diversity
The Altınbesik National Park, including the Altınbesik Cave, is home to 605 plants, 69 of which are endemic. There are nature walks in the park, and during the tour, we will give you free time for this unique activity.

The Altinbesik Cave tour from Side is a recommended trip for nature lovers and adventure seekers to discover the unusual buttoned houses and the Taurus Mountains’ beautiful and wild nature.

* Pick up from your hotel or apartment in Side.
* Visit the ancient village of Sarıhacılar
* Visit button houses
* Visit the ethnographic museum (optional)
* Visit Sarnch (antique cisterns and reservoirs)
* Visit the village mosque, get information about the mosque and the Islamic religion
* Tour of the village of Ormana
* Lunch break
* Arrival at Altinbesik cave
* Boarding inflatable boats and sailing inside the cave.
* Drop off at your hotel and apartment in Side.

• Pick up/drop off from hotels and apartments in Side.
• Professional Tour Guide
• Lunch
• Boat trip in the Altinbesik Cave
• Entrance fees to Altınbesik Cave and National Park.

• Beverages

• You can bring your camera
* Wear comfortable shoes and cholothes depending on season’s conditions

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